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  • Kimberly B. Hambor

Visitors Welcome

I work out of my studio that we built behind our home in the Iona area of Fort Myers near Sanibel Island. We have an acre of land that is surrounded by large trees and woods and it is zoned agricurtual so we have some chickens and I have been trying to grow some edibles. We have several coconut palms that bear large coconuts so I started a coconut palm nursery. I also grow bonsai trees and herbs.

Footsteps to the Future was the beneficiary of several "Art in the Woods" events held here. We had over 30 fine artists set up in the yard and through the woods with tents and music and wonderful food. It is a nice location and it inspires me every day.

We have had so many bald eagles, pileated woodpeckers, great horned owls, opossums, coons, and even a bobcat and some wild pigs as visitors. It seems to attract all types of wildlife.

If you would like to visit my studio please call me to schedule an appointment. (239) 454-7173.

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