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Infrared Gallery 1


I started shooting infrared film back in 1989 on a trip to Saint Augustine with some photography buddies. It was a bit complicated but well worth it. I was amazed at the ghostly images of a girl in a window and the glowing foliage as it hung from the huge oak trees. I was hooked. I still shot a lot of Velvia and Kodachrome but much of my work was drifting to the infrared wavelength. These images were shot with my first digital camera and a filter attached to the lens. The esposures were slow and required a tripod and it was difficult to get any wildlife. I did love how the palm trees would come out blowing in the wind. The Chapel by the Sea Image was shot with infrared film.

Holy Mary
Who do you say I am?
Chapel by the Sea
Palm Fronds
Coconut Palms
Pointe Santo
Pelican Roost
Variety of Palms
Three Palms
Charley Time
Bike and Palm
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