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Beach View
Sea Oates in Summer
Three Palms
Sanibel Pier
Sunset Seating
Sanctuary…under the Sanibel bridge
Silhouette Fort Myers Beach
Teen Coconuts
Infrared Sunset
Southseas Marina
Ready and Waiting
Times Square Bikes
Pointe Santo
Pink Shell Beach
Sanibel Pier 10-1
Pelican in the Pine
Naples Pier with Kids
Mucky Duck
Moonlight Garden
Lone Pelican
Lighthouse with Umbrella
Sanibel Island
Lighthouse 2013
Lighthouse Beach
Sanibel Lighthouse
Beach Access
Kayaks at Tween Waters
Four Palms
Almost There
Australian Pine on Causeway
Banyan Street
Fishiing Pier with Driftwood
Bowditch Point
Beach Walk
View from the Pier
Tourists at Sunset
Fishing at the Pier
Fisherman at Sunset
Old Florida
Church Doors
Cherub in the Garden
Shelter in the Woods
He Loves Me

Infrared Gallery 2


I had my first Nikon Camera converted to infrared less than two weeks after I bought it. It was hard to send my brand new D200 away to have to warranty voided but I was so excited to be able to shoot digital infrared without a filter, it was worth it. Unfortunately my first experience with the conversion was a disaster. Actually so was the second and most notably the third. I shipped my brand new Nikon D800 off to get converted in less than a week. I received it back broken and that started a long process of getting it fixed. These images were taken with the Nikon D5000 and Nikon D200 both with infrared conversions. To see images taken with my D800 see Infrared Gallery 3.


As with all of my images, they are available for purchase, please visit the SHOP for ordering information.




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