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Kim Hambor Shows In Paris

On July 24, 2014 there was an amazing show in Times Square, New York City. It was a show of artists from around the globe and Kim Hambor was present and accounted for. The “See Me Takeover” show was presented on huge electronic billboards which fascinated young and old alike. This was a huge honor for Kim, as being selected meant she had been juried against a worldwide application pool. According to Kim, “That’s a beyond a huge honor.”

Kimberly Hambor in New York City for the "See Me Takeover" show.

It was a thrilling experience to be shown in the big apple and the thrills of the “See Me Takeover” show just keep coming! It was just announced that the show will be in Paris, France! Though Kim will not be travelling to Paris for the opening this time she is just as honored to know her work will be hitting the European art scene.

These are the images chosen for the show. They are available for purchase through the website.

Insert images and link to POS in store.

While Kim was in New York she couldn"t help but shoot a few pictures>

Freedom Tower

Window Washer

View from the Balcony

The images from New York are available through the website and look amazing when printed as aluminum sublimation. Contact Kim through the website to order.

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